Thanks go to the following people for their kind donations received via the website:

Ben Green, Laura Norman, Simon Cross, Steven Bacci, Claire Cooper, Elaine Cox, Diana Saunders, Mr. T. P. Reilley, Nicola Bicknell, Susan Robinson, Tina Hughes, Grace Durham, Jonathan Chapple, Stephen Kerr, Philippa Boreham, Jenny Toal, Michelle (USA), Vivienne Fairgrieve, Jennifer (USA), Sandie (UK), Bedfordshire Social Services, Elaine (UK), Stephanie (USA), Jana (USA), Justine Fairgrieve, Heidi (USA), Ian (UK), Olivia (UK), Craig (UK), Martin (UK), Margaret (UK), Lynn and Hayley (UK), Dhillon Hotels Ltd, Jan (USA), Ron and Daphne (UK), Nikki and Tim (UK), Mr L Clark, Mr Lesley English

Thanks also to the following people for their kind 'offline' donations:

Donations in memory of Jeremy Newland; Donations in memory of Stefan Boleslaw Junger; Carol Palmer; Fiona McGurk; Donations in memory of Sam McDonald; Somerset College; Donations in memory of Charlie Howitt; Donations from Elle Downard's Prince & Princess Party

There are now two ways you can donate directly to the Thomas Ball Children's Cancer Fund online - through the Charities Aid Foundation website or via PayPal. If you choose to donate through CAF the Government will give us an extra 28p per 1 you donate.

To donate via CAF follow this link
CAF/Thomas Ball Children's Cancer Fund
and search for the Thomas Ball Children's Cancer Fund

To donate via Paypal, click on this button
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